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    life without comcast hsi

    Since my last posting regarding my hideous comcast routes i've been with Verizon DSL.

    A friend of mine who lives close opted to stay with Comcast and he's been blessed with their new residential routing. A typical traceroute will go back and forth 3-4 times before it hits it's target destination.

    It's been a bit of a challenge going from 20Mbit cable (which was actually 8Mbit advertised as 20 since it had powerboost).

    It's been nice not having to worry about going over bandwidth quotas or 3-4 hour outages every week (sometimes 3-4 days in a week).

    My Verizon DSL was a bit shaky at first with frequent hiccups around 6-7 AM but after some yelling about it that's stopped. I know as a residential client im not really guaranteed a 24/7 constant connection but it's basically what I have.

    So since then Comcast has lost all my business except for standard cable; Verizons taking care of everything else.

    I never thought i'd be able to play with only DSL compared to cable speeds but it hasn't been all that bad.

    I hope ya'll are ready to bailout Comcast, they will be the next ones with their hands out for taxmoney to stay afloat. And be sure to have an english speaking adult in the house if you have a trouble-call, that's what they tell you in this area if you call for service. You call them you have to press 1 for english after listening to prompts in spanish. If they come to you they won't send a spanish speaking tech.
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    Sorry to hear about your Comcast experience. My own personal experience with Comcast was not too positive, either.

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