I have a number of local (to my town) clients that need websites hosted for various reasons. For this, I have my eye on a 50-pack of licenses for Hsphere.

My question is regarding billing and the storage of credit card numbers. I will be using an authorize.net gateway (via WellsFargo merchant), and I am wondering this:

-How does the integrated billing in Hsphere handle sensitive CC data? (IE is it stored, etc). I understand that by and large storing CC numbers is best avoided.
-IF CC's are not stored on the server, how does recurring billing work? I am not all that familiar with the payment gateways, so any assistance is helpful here. Recurring billing is important to me, but not as important as security. Basically, how do you accomplish recurring billing WITHOUT needing to store CC's on the webserver?


How advisable (is that a question) is it to run your own site (IE my webhosting site) from the same server as client sites?

You may have noticed I am security oriented, and sadly security seems to be the hardest information to find regarding these matters.