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    Website Blunder? Only works with IE! Embarrassing example

    To me this is a total website blunder and a good example of what not to do.

    Instead of following web standards so that this site would work with the most browsers possible, they just restrict it to one, and it's the least secure of the bunch!

    This site lets you check your balance on those M/C gift cards. If you go there in Firefox it throws a message saying the site only works with IE. Even using the plugin "user agent switcher", faking that I'm using IE, it still doesn't function properly for even the most basic things, like checking your card balance.

    How hard is it to accept some numbers as input and then display some balance data from a database? I mean, that's pretty basic web design and doesn't really need a lot of fancy Javascript / IE specific programming to do.

    You can't even read their FAQ!

    It should be a complete embarrassment to whoever designed it.

    The site is

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    Yeah, it's pretty ridiculous. I clicked on your link to the site and it gave me this: "Internet Explorer is required to access this website." Not even a "sorry but"
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    Internet Explorer is required to access this website.

    now thats nuts...

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    Good payback for the FF freaks who do the same thing and bomb IE when a user lands there with IE.
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    Thats why I downloaded the nifty firefox addon that opens the tab in ie within firefox.
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    Why would anyone do such a thing, when the majority of web developers is trying to make sites compatible with any browser? Is it a kind of a closed IE-freak club?

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    I can't understand why you would not want your site to be accessible to everybody, regardless of their personal preference of browser.

    Apart from the obvious problem of alienating Mac, Linux and other OS users, this just seems like a stupid design decision...

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