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    Difference between VPS and Hybrid?

    I am looking to purchase either a VPS1024 or Hybrid1 server from WiredTree this Friday.

    The purpose of the server is to house a fairly active phpBB3 forum (10,000 registered members with around 100 members online at any one time). Now what is the benefit of going for the more expensive Hybrid1 ($99 with coupon) compared to the VPS1024 ($71.20 with coupon) - thats almost a $30 difference in price?

    In layman terms - am I going to get a greater benefit with the Hybrid1 over the VPS1024?

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    I think the biggest difference is that they make sure your resources are dedicated, in particular each Hybrid have CPU cores reserved. They also seem to offer twice the transfer allowance.

    Whether you are going to get greater benefit from this -- well it depends -- on a lightly loaded VPS node the ability to burst when needed can mean the potential for greater performance. On the other hand, on a highly loaded VPS node knowing your resources & CPU are dedicated is more assuring and should result in more consistent performance.

    Personally, for your forum, I think you will be fine with the standard package and should have room to grow your forum significantly before needing to worry about your infrastructure. Though you should probably check with WT for their own perspective as I'm just applying a common sense interpretation to it :-)
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    The hybrid VPS is basically a VPS that is placed on a hardware node containing fewer clients. This allows the provider to assign you a guaranteed amount of resources. For example, a standard VPS node may have 15-30 clients on it whereas a node hosting hybrid VPSs will have at most 3-4 clients. You should be fine with the standard package,but expect to have to upgrade later if your website grows rapidly in the future and your VPS's performance begins to drop.
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    Quote Originally Posted by cobraman View Post
    thats almost a $30 difference in price?

    In layman terms - am I going to get a greater benefit with the Hybrid1 over the VPS1024?
    How much disk space and bandwidth do your forums currently use?

    Personally I would go for the hybrid1, for that $30 difference you're getting an extra 512MB RAM and 1,000GB bandwidth. If there are two things active forums love, it's RAM and bandwidth.

    I would also suggest considering which is just as highly rated, if not more than WT.
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    What's your budget?

    Seriously, what's your budget?

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    A Hybrid typically involves granting the client one or more isolated CPU cores for them to use. The client to server rations are therefore also much lower.
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    Thanks for the replies - that has helped quite a bit.

    Just to let you know that the forum ran from 2002-2007 and then I closed it down. However, I want to reopen it now and expect to have around 10,000 registered users within the first 6 months. The forum is an image-intensive forum so that is why I need around 80GB of space and bandwidth levels used to vary between 600GB to 1500GB month to month (but that was when I had 60,000 registered users).

    I'm leaning towards the Hybrid1 at the moment rather than being in the position to having to upgrade in 6 months time.

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