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    stopping gathering log files(linux- plesk)


    our server is gathering log files. it is occupying our spaces vainly.
    how we can make it stop and not to gather again.we want to have offsite
    back up and don`t want to send unusefull data and pay for log files....


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    You can configure logs to rotate either on daily/weekly basis OR as per the file size. The option is under Plesk >> Domains >> domain name >> Log Manager.

    This will make sure the log file size won't grow much and backups+ftp will be performed smoothly.
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    if it doesnt work, implement a cron to clear or move the log files
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    thank you

    I think it is better for me to have managed service from data center.I have someone for doing these items... but it seems he is not qualified. I reported your advice to my server manager but he could not solved the problem

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