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    implementing DKIM on EXIM

    Okay, one of my last posts was talking about how my emails sent to Yahoo were ending up in the spam folder. I went ahead and moved from hostican to wiredtree hoping that would fix it.
    But of course that didn't do it. Emails still go into the spam folder. Looking at the header i noticed that domain keys were no set. I opened a ticket and now they are set. But now I see that DKIM is still showing as neutral. Asked for help from support and have not heard back yet. Not surprised as it does not look like an easy thing to do.

    I have been on the net searching around for the last few hours and have been to a ton of sites talking about implementing it. Only problem is that the instructions are written for someone who knows what they are doing. Any chance someone here knows of a step-by-step website that can tell me what to do?

    I know just enough about all of this to get myself in trouble, but not enough to understand what this guy is saying.

    edit: Just in case you are curious. Domain is

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    Well, turns out that support cant help me since it is not in cpanel. Not sure i am totally happy with that, but i guess they have to draw the line somewhere.
    So with that in mind, I guess it is up to me to get DKIM installed. This should be fun.
    I found this link, , and it looks great. Only problem is that I am not using atmail. It looks like the rest of the instructions should work though. Am i right?

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