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    Question Dedicatednow vs Softlayer or...?

    I thinking to buy new servers and now I checking offers on softlayer and dedicatedNow and look like prices on softlayer are higher and also dedicatedNow offer is for managed servers...

    In this moment I have few servers with softlayer and all working fine but price...I don`t know nothing about DedicatedNow...what you think SL vs DN?


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    I think ive seen threads like this before, have you tried searching?


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    I have two points.

    1- If you're using SoftLayer and things are working fine, why switch?
    2- SoftLayer's prices are a little higher because they offer a bit more (VPN, private network, KVM over IP, etc.)

    I've had SoftLayer for quite a while now, and everytime I think of switching I just end up right back at SoftLayer.
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    I think you are mistaken about our services a little. Allow me to clarify we offer VPN, private network and KVM over IP and etc. also .

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