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    landline to mobile?

    ok im not sure if thiers even anywhere better to post this so ill try in here.

    i have a weird project i want to try and find a solution to. currently i have a set of 4 dect cordless phones for our home landline which work fine but they are starting to get old and becoming problematic. now im wondering if their is anyway i could link each of my familys mobiles to the landline so that we can just answer/call via the landline when needed (eg by using wifi when at home to allow access to landline) or is this not technically possible.

    the three mobiles id be using this on f its possible are as follows
    Apple iPhone 3G (jailbroken)
    Blackberry bold 9000
    T-Mobile G1

    i have a older pc i could setup as a 'router' if needed.

    any ideas welcome as id rather use the kit i have already than shell out on new cordless handsets considerign we dontuse the landline much for calls

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    ur best bet is to install a PBX at home and get a voip account that will let you route calls to mobiles, aint gonna be cheap tho
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    If your cellular provider supports call forwarding just forward the calls.

    Some smartphones actually have Add-On Apps to do this as well.
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    What's your budget?

    Seriously, what's your budget?

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    Not really what you're looking for but you could try getting an invite for Google Voice. You can set up your number there to foward to any other line(s).
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    T-Mobile-at-Home does seem to be a pretty nifty service, although I think (?) T-Mobile charges for it. Never looked into it too much.

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