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    World-class Content Delivery Network - ComCities.Com Reseller Offers

    What is a Content Delivery Network (CDN)
    A content delivery network (CDN) is a collection of servers distributed across multiple locations to deliver content more efficiently to users. The server selected for delivering content to a specific user is typically based on a measure of network proximity. For example, the server with the fewest network hops or the server with the quickest response time is chosen.

    CDN POP Locations

    North America : Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, New York, Phoenix, Sunnyvale and Washington dc
    Europe : Amsterdam, Brussels, Frankfurt, Paris and London
    South America : Sao Paulo

    Key Benefits of our CDN solution include:

    - Flash Streaming (On-Demand & Live)
    - Windows Media Streaming (On-Demand & Live)
    - HTTP Progressive Download
    - Enhanced security for your content
    - Real-time reporting and analytics
    - Instant account provisioning
    - Sub-account management tools including billing and service classes ( for resellers )

    RESELLER OFFERS( You can Resell CDN to your clients and you can also make your own re-seller's)

    CDN - Monthly PLAN

    1TB ~5TB bandwidth - > $0.06 per gig
    5TB or more bandwidth - > $0.05 per gig

    CDN - Pay As You Go PLAN ( unused bandwidth valid up to 6 months )

    1TB ~5TB bandwidth - > $0.08 per gig
    5TB or more bandwidth - > $0.06 per gig

    Overage bandwidth :
    - unlike other content delivery networks ComCities does not charge for overages, you would be billed at the same per gig rate once you exceed the commitment level you have made.

    Edge storage :
    - 1GB storage for $0.60

    Want to test our CDN network? we offer free 50GB , 7 day trial.

    "Apply for a Free Trial" please contact "support(at)" or open support ticket
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