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Thread: OpenVPN setup

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    OpenVPN setup

    Hi All,

    I saw that there a few OpenVPN experts here.

    Need an OpenVPN expert to set up OpenVPN on UK server.

    The business allows users to access the internet freely from countries that block certain websites and services.

    Account creation, limitation and deletion commands come from my websites back end.

    Also I need a solution in order to filter certain users through a proxy and other can access the internet freely.

    I know this is not very detailed but its a lot to write so if your interested then we'll talk on the phone.

    Look forward to hearing from you!


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    Please drop a mail to sales AT cliffsupport DOT com. We will hep you with this project
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  5. well you can start using Eurephia and a PHP script to create/delete users.

    Eupheria support some additional rules per user, like resource acces and other limitations.

    PD: eupheria only works with SQLite atm what is a ********, but they will support mysql and pgsql soon.

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