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    Please review my tech and renovation sites

    Suggest ways to improve my sites and optimize them please. Do they look too bland? Should I get some stock images to spice up my renovations site?


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    Your header is very bland. I would suggest that you move the Google ads to the right with the others. I think some opening text is in order.

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    First off, way to much content. There is so much text I can't even look at one section at a time. I think the websites are suppose to take on a 'blog' feel. Have you actually done research or looked at blog websites? Blogs are clean, simple, professional, unique and personal. Most of all blogs provide unique content which is displayed in an organized way.

    If your able to perhaps hire a company to design and develop a custom design for you. This will provide a unique branding for you and your website. Include graphical features that make people go, "WOW" or "That's cool!" This will then ensure your website becomes bookmarked and obtains frequent visits. I hope you take my critique as positive and not harsh. I'm simply trying to help you and your website. Best of luck!
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