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    BoxVPS 4 Month Review

    Hey All,

    I just wanted to offer up a 4 month review of BoxVPS. I started with them at the end of June, well that's what my first invoice says. The ride started off just peachy, server was fast, server had little down time. The initial setup they got the root password wrong, well at least the one I got sent, and I had to open a ticket for that. They got me back up and running in 10m....not bad. I signed up just as the whole HyperVM fiasco was going on, so they didn't have a control panel to manage the box with. To this day, they still don't have one. It wasn't much of an issue for me as I know my way around the shell pretty well so I didn't need anything. It would've just been nice to know the "official" bandwidth consumption amounts rather than vnstat.

    BoxVPS had a pretty severe outage in July of this year, I believe my VPS was down for 8ish hours, I don't recall exactly. They then had another VPS outage on August 8th with lasted for almost a day IIRC. I opened a ticket for this second one, they gave me the usual run around...we're sorry blah blah and we're going to fix it so it doesn't happen again. I didn't really care, I just wanted to be back online.

    Step forward to September 24th, and here we go again. Another outage, this one lasted for 11h. I opened up another ticket for this and they said they'd get right on it. A few hours later I was back online, but not for long! September 25th they had another 10h outage, hooray... I opened a ticket with them and let them know I wasn't happy and they credited my account for 6 months of service.

    Onwards to October 4th, this time my box didn't go down. But someone on the machine or on the network was sapping up ALL the bandwidth. Typing commands in ssh was quite laggy and downloads from the machine were peaking at a whopping 12Kbps! I opened a ticket for this and they had it fixed up in about 3.5 hours, we're talking speed here

    As we near the end of the review, we sit at October 6th. Another day of we're up to 18.5h of downtime and who knows when the machine will come back online. I opened a support ticket with them but they've yet to respond as of this posting.

    So all in all, a story of intense growth pains. Host started off solid and fast, but quickly went to hell as they took on too many clients and loaded up their hardware and network a little too much. By now most of you are probably thinking, what the hell....why haven't you moved with all these issues?? Well for one, the price they gave me for the amount of space I get is a steal, secondly, I don't host any critical files on this box, it serves as a mirror for one of my online galleries. Thankfully the primary mirror hasn't gone's not a mission critical thing but it's nice to have a backup for personal use. Lastly, they gave me 6 months free! So I'm not losing out on anything anymore...lets see if they're around for that long...

    And for inquiring minds, here's a bit of uptime data from Pingdom. I started monitoring September 5th (I got wind of a summer promo around then I think) and figured I could just use up one of my monitors for this box since I had plenty.

    I hope this review is helpful for all the prospectives out there!
    Robert Navarro
    Fun, Personal, Programming!

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    Well you say you got it for a steal but unfortunately that is the moral of the story. Yo get what you pay for.

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