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    1+ year review - Netdirekt

    Hello all.
    I will try to share my experience with all of you regarding the company I rent my dedicated servers - Netdirekt.
    I found out about them over an year ago when I needed to move to dedicated server. I decided to give them a try, since I was new in this area and since I am perfectionist in this job (making backup of backups of backups)I thought I don't have what to loose if they disappoint me. At least not much.
    So over an year ago, I ordered my first server with them. It was Core2Duo server with 4GB of RAM, with a nice price. By the way, when I saw their 1996 website and their pricing, I was getting ready to get disappointed ))
    I didn't need much help in the beginning, the hardware and network were (are) top notch. Some months later, 4 if I remember correctly, I expanded my business and ordered a second server with them. So, I am really satisfied with their service.
    Couple of experiences I got with them that I would like to share with you.
    - Once, the hard drive of one of my servers started fiving SMART errors so it needed to be changed. It was Sunday, 1AM, so I didn't expect much and it was the secondary (backup) drive so it wasn't THAT urgent to me. Anyway, I dropped them an e-mail requesting drive change. 15 minutes (yup, 15 minutes, Sunday, 1AM) later I got an e-mail back, their representative asking me am I ready for the hard drive replacement. I replied yes. I told him i shut off the server. 10 minutes later my server was back online, with new drive in it.
    - Later on, once they had 2 hours network outage and another time 1 hour power outage I think, that is in an year. My servers are checked by Pingdom so I believe their uptime.
    - Then I left them alone for some months, didn't bother them since I had no issues at all, until 2 weeks ago when I got my third server with them. I believe I have been the most boring client ever to them. 10 times maybe I asked IP transfer from one server to another, and they did that very fast and without making me feel uncomfortable by asking that from them over and over again.

    So overall, I am very satisfied with their service. They don't do much (hardware and network only, no management), but I think they are perfect in what they do.
    Keep up the great work netdirekt, and you will keep me with you forever.

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    Great review! It's always a delight to read positive feedback from satisfied customers. Thank you for taking the time to write your review. I hope your relationship with the company continues in a positive way. Best of luck!
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    Great to see a good review on germany ISP like this. Keep us update next year.
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    Glad to see happy customers review. Keep us updated in future.
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    Thanks for the review. I've been looking to give them a try for a while now.

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    Thanks for the review hope you reported the IP to the Mods so it can be verified

    Also I have never used netdirekt before but always heard they have a very good network

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    I have little to say, but I feel I must jump in ...

    I'm a happy Netdirekt customer since 2007.

    No problem so far. They are very professional. English speaking people may find their style "rough", but they always delivered instant correct answers instead of nonsense canned replies I've seen elsewhere.

    The only drawback I could see, is the bad reputation. I don't know if it is still true, but I've seen statistics about malicious sites where Netdirekt network appeared in the top.

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    Could you please contact the helpdesk at and supply some information to verify your hosting with netdirekt
    Dan Sheppard ~ Freelance whatever

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    There site does look like it was made in 1996 era.

    Glad your happy.

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    Sheps, just did that
    Thanks all for reading.

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    No, the site doesn't look like it's from 1996.

    I checked some of their plans, you get like 1TB of bandwidth and 0.09 euros for each GB after that. So 90 euros for 1 extra TB? Gah.

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    For overage, maybe that's the pricing.
    But 1TB extra bandwidth costs like 10 euro I think. If you pre-purchase it

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    Well first of all...Hi all
    I was searching for info on this company and ended up here reading this!
    As off 2 mins ago i have just ordered one of thier servers.
    I will keep you updated on my progress eg set up time etc


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    Thanks for sharing your experience with us. Glad to see you have been receiving a wonderful service from them. Keep us posted.

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