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    Sprinks overbilling?

    Hi, I just checked my Sprinks account and it says that I had 19 clicks yesterday, yet the page the clicks go to only had 6 visits. Is anyone else experiencing this? I know they say that daily and weekly reportss are not accurate but I am starting to wonder if I am merely being charged for placement and not only clicks

    plus besides where else do these results appear?


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    Hmmm ... either the clicks weren't properly delivered .. they clicked but never reached your site OR the stats need to be more accurate reconciled on both sites.
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    I have an account with Sprinks, and I really don't trust them. I have good in-house tracking, and the discrepancies between the two are much higher than they should be.

    In addition, I don't like how Sprinks tries to hide the keywords that are getting clicks. Good traffic, bad system/service/support.


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