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    SitePenguin - FIRST MONTH ABSOLUTLY FREE FOR 100 PEOPLE! - USA, UK & Germany

    SitePenguin - Reliable Hosting

    SitePenguin is offering 100 FREE Shared hosting accounts for 1 month on any
    plan of your choice. This offer is limited to only 100 people, which means
    its going to go fast. You pay nothing up front and you receive your hosting
    account right away. We know you'll like our hosting so much you'll stay
    next month! Our Plans:

    COUPON CODE: October4Free

    Hatchling Plan ($0.99 /Mo)
    1 GB of Storage
    25 GB of Bandwidth
    5 MYSQL, Email, Subdomains
    Order URLs: Atlanta, USA - London, UK - Frankfurt, Germany

    Rockhopper Plan ($3.99 /Mo)
    5 GB of Storage
    100 GB of Bandwidth
    25 MYSQL, Email, Subdomains
    Order URLs: Atlanta, USA - London, UK - Frankfurt, Germany

    Crested Plan ($6.99 /Mo)
    15 GB of Storage
    200 GB of Bandwidth
    Unlimited MYSQL, Email, Subdomains
    Order URLs: Atlanta, USA - London, UK - Frankfurt, Germany

    COUPON CODE: October4Free

    Why Choose Site Penguin?

    Supirior Hardware & Network Quality
    We only use HP Proliant hardware with Raid 1 - SAS Hard disks installed.
    Our hardware is up to 10x more reliable than Intel or AMD and has been
    tested to withstand high amounts of stress for optimum quality. Our
    networks are backed by at least 5 T1 providers and are on 1 Gbps lines.

    Fast Support & Knowledgeable Staff
    Our support system ensures that your problems are resolved with in an hour
    in most cases, not like other providers who take days to respond. In addition
    all of our staff members have been working in the hosting industry for a
    minimum of 2 years.

    30 Day Money Back Guarantee
    While this doesn't apply to this offer since your getting hosting for free for
    1 month it is still valuable to know. ALL paid plans come with our 30 day no
    questions asked money back guarantee.

    Legal Details:
    This offer is not to be substituted for any monetary value and is limited to
    one (1) account per customer to be given away for free for one (1) month.
    This offer is non-negotiable and can not be transferred or reused on any of
    our other services.

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    Prices look good bud

    - Many Thanks

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    Your welcome, enjoy.

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