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    Exclamation FREE Web Monitoring - We ALERT you First! offers you and your hosting clients peace of mind with advanced web monitoring solutions. Back your 99.9% uptime guarantee with one of our monitoring plans.

    NEW! - Phone alerts now available
    We are pleased to announce the launch of our phone notification system. Phone notifications, which are available for our Hyper plan clients, are supported for nearly every country world wide.

    In order to ensure that the phone alert was received by an authorized person, a PIN code is used to confirm receipt.

    Phone notifications only use one standard SMS notification credit.

    False Alarm Protection

    Every failure will automatically be confirmed by a separate monitoring node prior to any notifications being issued. This ensures that a temporary network problem beyond your control does not trigger an alert.

    Notification Methods

    Each contact can be set to receive SMS, SMS by email, email or phone call notifications.
    Notification Retries
    Specify how many times a notification should continue to be sent. You may only want a notification sent once, or you can set it to send reminder alerts after a specified number of minutes.

    Alert Acknowledgement

    Especially useful when using an escalation profile, a failure can be acknowledged by a contact to prevent additional alerts being sent. You can easily report on who acknowledged any alert.

    Do Not Disturb Periods

    Don't want to get woken up at night for a specific alert? Do Not Disturb periods can be established for each contact. This works in conjunction with the escalation profiles, so you can easily set up complex notification procedures based on work shifts

    Version 1.0 of our API is available!

    We NOW Accept Paypal!

    See FULL list of features here: - We ALERT you First!

    Our Reseller/Affiliate Program is coming soon; please PM an email address or email [email protected] to have your address added to our contact list when we are ready for BETA testing

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