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    E-mail not resolving properly...

    CentOS 5 / WHM/Cpanel

    received a message from (XXX.XXX.195.98) that claimed an envelope sender address of [email protected].

    However, the domain has declared using SPF that it does not send mail through (XXX.XXX.195.98). That is why the message was rejected.

    Why is my mail being sent out on XXX.XXX.195.98 when resides with it's own I.P. on XXX.XXX.195.101 ??

    Also, it seems odd that mail is going out on this normal?!?!?!

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    Are you receiving spam emails from your own email address Or is it something else you are pointing at?

    If you are receiving emails from your own address, it is called "spoofing". The emails are sent to various address and your email address is mentioned in the return-path which then delivers emails to your email address once it bounces back.

    The only way to resolve the issue is enable SpamAssassin and configure "Account Level Filtering" as per the Subject, Email Headers, Contents etc which will then reject these emails.
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    Thanks Madaboutlinux,

    When I send e-mail, I'm getting a bounce-back with the above message (of course I'm replacing my actual IP information / domains with '' and '')

    I'm sure my DNS is all screwy...I'm trying to figure it all out.

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    check if this is the main email server IP address. If yes emails will be sent via this.

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