This is a great promotion!

No strings attached!

Limited time only (really - just for one week)!

$10 per month, no setup, month to month!

Page to sign-up only for WHT-ers -

10 Gb/s network, Internap FCP 10 Gx optimized. No overselling, from our Data Center in Atlanta, carrier hotel, 55 Marietta st.

We are getting huge interest from small to mid size companies. We've decided to open up doors to personal hobby type users. You can start with this plan, once you'll grow you can switch to larger plans, up to 4 Gb/s per each server (of dedicated bandwidth).

For info about our streaming plans

For info about Flash, 3G mobile, iPhone streaming go to:

Right now special is for Windows streaming services.

For Flash streaming services price is lowered (temporarily) from $65 to $35 per month. Quality is guaranteed!