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Thread: UK VPS?

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    UK VPS?

    Hello folks, looking for a high quality UK-based VPS. Having been a Wiredtree customer for many years now I have enjoyed their high levels of customer support and uptime but a lot of my clients are now asking for a UK-based VPS.

    So, what's out there?

    Linux/cPanel/WHM preferred
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    Have you tried looking in the VPS Hosting Offers forum?

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    Also check out, and the vps offers forum. I've seen many uk-based vps offers there.

    Good luck in your VPS search.

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    Check out the offers forum. Many larger providers have multiple DC's and you can select which one you want the server in.
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    thanks for the advice, i've tried the offers forum and there are plenty, but I found wiredtree originally through this very forum and thought i'd try again for recommendations...

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    Guys, I know a quite good UK VPs host, but I'm not allowed to say their name because I never been client of them, as you can imagine. Hope you have experience with the hosts you recommend. As far as for the request I think that there are a lot of people who asked the same question before and you'd better search in the archive to see what do WHT members responded to similar questions.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mdjf View Post
    So, what's out there?
    Managed or unmanaged (and if managed what are your expectations for what this actually means; different providers have different ideas on this...)?

    Also any preference regarding virtualisation platform?

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    I'm very happy with
    Solid VPS nodes, good network and the staff always seems to pick up every ticket I put in within minutes.

    They are also extremely cheap for what you are getting

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