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    Systems Admin, PHP Programmer looking for work. No job to big, no job too small


    My name is Tom Whiting. I've been doing business here and there for a number of years, and am looking to expand my horizons a bit, and to make a bit of money while doing so.

    A bit about me:
    I've been working with php and mysql based programs for about 6, 7 years now. Where I REALLY shine is the Linux OS, and debugging things, which I've been doing for 10-15 years.

    I started out taking a text based mud (multi user dimension, pre-EQ MMO) and making it compatable with php-nuke, adding modules to nuke, and moved from there.

    For the past few years, I've been working intensely with php and mysql, converting websites to 'smarty' (much easier to work with), designing CMS' for my own use, and for clients. A few examples (from the ground up):
    my own website (business)
    Server Monitoring Website

    Other sites I've built using various software, from the ground up:

    TV On The Brain, a television and entertainment discussion forum
    RCPM, a fan website, based around vBulletin (must login/signup to see most custom stuff).

    I've worked closely with Geeklog, maintaining themes and templates through Geek Downloads, though that's been set aside for quite some time as it's a personal project of mine

    I've developed, run, and maintained numerous free forum hosts, skinning, adding to forums (phbb, smf, mybb)

    I do a fair amount of vbulletin modification and setups for clients who don't have the know how to do it, or just don't have the time to.

    I've managed to migrate databases from application to application quite easily. A few examples:
    • WHMCS support -> kayako
    • Geeklog -> Wordpress
    • SupportTrio -> WHMCS
    • Modernbill -> WHMCS (more complete version)
    • AWBS -> Modernbill
    • s9y -> Wordpress

    That's not a FULL list, I'm sure there's a few I'm forgetting.

    A bit about what I'm looking for:
    I'm not looking for full time employment (unless you're offering a very large salary).
    I've maintained client relationships for 5+ years, but I'm looking to build and expand more of them.
    I'm basically looking for work, any kind of work I can get my hands on that will allow me to remain independent, yet still allow me to build relationships with clients.
    Rates will depend on the project itself. Please, feel free to Contact Me if you have any questions about them, or to just talk about what you'd like to have done.

    Understandably feedback is important, so you can find some pretty good feedback
    here (multiple dates),
    here (12-04-2002),
    here (04-18-2003),
    here (06-10-2004),
    here (11-06-2004),
    here (01-04-2005),
    here (08-29-2005),
    here (03-16-2006),
    here (07-21-2006),
    here (01-05-2007),
    here (01-09-2007),
    here (05-14-2007),
    here (05-13-2007),
    and here (04-05-2008)

    I appreciate you reading through this, and look forward to working with you. If you have any questions at all, please contact me

    Tom Whiting
    WHMCS Guru - WHMCS addons, management, support and more.
    WHMCS Notifications Extended - Add slack, hipchat, SMS, pushover to WHMCS !!
    Linux Problems? WHMCS Issues? +1-866-546-8914 (linux-14) or @whmcsguru on twitter!

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    Just wanted to leave a quick review - I just contacted Tom tonight about fixing a broken script on my server, and it was done within the hour. He was very thorough and helpful. Definitely recommended. Thanks Tom!
    Steve Lundy - Web Design GT
    Custom & Professional website design services.
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