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    DNS transfer to 1and1 E-mail Problems!

    Hello all,

    I have very immediate issue that I'm dealing with. I'm building a web site for a client. Currently and i the past they host their own server in house and use Hover for all their e-mail. They haven't had a website set up, so they've only been using e-mail.

    I have been commissioned to build the new website. I purchased a 1and1 package to host their website. I planned on only hosting the website and not the e-mail because it was already working on their server (don't change what is already working, right?). So I contacted 1and1 and I contacted Hover (registrar where e-mails are set up) and they all told me "switching the Name servers to 1and1 won't effect the e-mail".

    Well on Sunday I switched the Name servers on Hover to point to 1and1 and then went to my 1and1 cpanel and add the domain as a DNS pointer. I DID NOT TOUCH THE MX or EMAIL servers at all.


    Yesterday I talked with my client and at the office on Monday the staff (20 e-mail using Outlook) were having some technical issues with their e-mail. I figured it was just still adjusting to the DNS transfer I made the day before. (They say it takes 24-48 hrs to complete).

    Today I talked with my client and NONE of the e-mail is working in the office. Again I only switched the Name servers and nothing else. I figure something must be up with the Outlook and some minor changes need to be made.

    I am 3 hours away from the office location where all these computers with outlook are set up at. I figure I'm going to have to drive there tonight and work after hours to get this all set up. Any suggestions on what I should do? I'm in IMMEDIATE HELP because this company is fairly big and a few days without e-mail is NO GOOD.

    Should I just make the switch from all e-mails to 1and1 and have them all in one place? Help would much appreciated!!!


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    If you change the dns to use 1and1 nameservers and wants to use their mail server, you must set the MX records at 1and1 control panel to the other server.

    if you can PM me the domain name I can check it for you.
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