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    Anyone try 24 shells

    Thinking on giving them a shot...

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    Oct 2009
    I havent ever heard of them. Try searching the forums.

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    Yea I did a search and nothing really. Looked online and really cant find anything negative, which is good. So I'm thinking about them.

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    they exist for many years

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    Never heard of them before..
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    They are a fairly ok company that sticks to there aup as far as SLA goes we have no experience. Tickets are responded to fairly quickly but dont expect instant, maybe next day.



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    well if you go with them, good luck i guess.

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    Thanks...Someone suggested Knownhost. I'm checking into that solution.

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    Mind giving us more detail on what your looking for, so maybe we could suggest more ideas for you?

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    Well for the price it looks good. IF the server runs good when you order just make sure you get your on Control panel to manage your vps so you can rebuild, restart, shutoff etc. But don't expect support instantly. For the price you may just get what you see.
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