Hey, as you might know, loads of hotmail accounts were cracked and information was leaked via pastebin.com , i use this site sometimes for development with friends, guess what? the media buzz took it down!

from pastebin.com site:
Down for maintenance - 6th Oct 2009

Pastebin.com is getting an unprecedented amount of traffic due to a news story in which some leaked Hotmail passwords have been pasted on this site

Pastebin.com was intended as a tool to aid software developers, not for distributing this sort of material. Filters have been put in place to prevent reoccurrence, but the current traffic level is unsustainable.

Pastebin.com is just a fun side project for me, and today it's not fun. It will remain offline all day while I make some further modifications

Paul Dixon
Keep it safe! hotmail users - change your passwords ASAP !!