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    create "Protected Directories" with lighttpd

    I have a vps with hypervm/kloxo. I'm running with lighttpd. Today i want to create a Protected Directory to, how to create that like apache ? Do i need to put something like .htaccess and .htpasswd in directory ? Please help me step-by-step. I have read but i don't understand, which file to be editted ? I'm new in lighttpd, please help me. And the important point is, i want google bots and yahoo bots will bypass auth. , is it possible to do it?

    I mean like that ( in apache )
    #AuthName "Under Development"
    #AuthUserFile /home/
    #AuthType basic
    #Require valid-user
    #Order Deny,Allow
    #Deny from all
    #Allow from
    #Satisfy Any

    Im using Centos linux and newest lighttpd

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    Thank you, Chris. Is is possible to let googlebot bypass?

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