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    Alternatives to 2Checkout?

    There's several threads running about how good/bad 2checkout is, especially for small hosts, and the only thing I've seen mentioned is

    A) Paypal
    B) Merchant Account

    We're a small company, and we've successfully used 2checkout and Paypal for quite a while. The new "regulations" and TOS at 2checkout kinda scare me. Although I've never personally had a problem with Paypal, I can understand why some people are slightly gunshy about using them. 10 people talk about poor service, but millions of happy customers never speak up to the quality service they've had with them.

    What alternatives are out there for the "small guy"? What kind of fees are involved with a true merchant account? Maybe some of the WHT veterans would be willing to give a small guy some advice?

    Thanks in advance.

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    You should check out PaySystems.
    We've used them a couple years and are quite pleased with their level of service and attention to customers.
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