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    * VPS w/ no limiting tunnel cap

    I have a vps at VPSVille, which I use for tunneling out onto the internet (behind a nazi firewall). Unfortunately, my vps keeps getting disabled because I cross the "20GB of traffic per month" allowed to any vps for tunneling - even though I have 300 GBs of bandwidth.

    I'm now looking for another cheap vps host ($20/mo or less) that will let me utilize all the bandwidth I paid for.

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    Check the VPS Offers.
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    Wow, they have a different cap if you tunnel? That sucks. If you pay for 300 GB, you should get 300 GB, for whatever application.
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    We haven't disabled any proxy users for using more than 20GB of bandwidth in months. That aspect of our TOS will be changing shortly to reflect the oodles more bandwidth we now have.

    You may want to open a support ticket to find out why you were really disabled.
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    That's how I was tunneling. Using putty.

    Yea, only 20gb of any amount of bandwidth can only be spent on proxy means.

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    That's mad. Maybe it's worth trying to run your VPN server on port 443 (https) to see whether this gets around the quota.
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