I have 12 domains that I no longer need for a printing project I was working on that I've now abandoned.

I'm looking for offers over that stated besides each. Domains were all registered with Heart Internet UK - I would prefer a simple account transfer of ownership. Most were registered recently in August but some are older from another old project, please perform a whois check for full details.

a1copy.co.uk ($20)
a1poster.com ($40)
a2canvas.com ($30)
a2copy.com ($30)
a2poster.com ($30)
a2prints.com ($25)
a3canvas.com ($25)
a3poster.com ($25)
blanktome.com ($30)
blanktome.co.uk ($20)
emid.co.uk ($30)
emiddleton.co.uk ($40)

Or entire portfolio: $275

Payment via Paypal.

PM me if you're interested in any of these.