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    Hosting Control Panels?

    Hey All.

    I am starting my own hosting business. We are going to host game servers, teamspeak servers, dedicated servers, vps servers, and website hosting.

    Can anyone tell me where I can find a control panel that supports all of this?

    I don't want any of the answers: tcadmin, gamecp, SwiftPanel, igc-panel, exocontrol, Cortex Game Server Control Panel.

    I would preferably like a control panel that would support Windows for game servers and Linux for teamspeak servers.

    Does anyone know of anymore? Is there any private control panel creators. If i found a person who might create one for us for the right price i would even consider paying him p/h for creating us our own personal control panel.

    IF anyone has any suggestions or is interested in creating us one Plz reply! Also you can email me at
    [email protected]

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    I think you answered you own question, would be easier to pay someone to create a control panel with all the custom features you want.

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    Simple answer: doesn't currently exist, requires a custom solution
    Try posting in the Job Offers forum and you will probably get some interest from developers

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    Have not seen any panel with all above requirements so surely you will have to hire some custom solution for it.

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    Ok I will post there later on in the day.

    Thank for the help.

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    Contact the developer


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    Gamecreate isnt bad. It is supported for windows servers

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