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    Better reseller hosting solutions for creative professionals

    Better reseller hosting solutions for creative professionals -

    -------------------------------------------------------------- - cPanel Powered Reseller Hosting

    1. Contact Email: [email protected]
    2. Contact Us: Sales Department
    3. Website:
    4. Hosting Plans: Reseller Plan Details
    5. Domains: Domain Registration

    Current Promotions

    Save 20% for life! For WHT Members (Recurring Promo Code)


    Promo code is valid on any reseller hosting plan.

    No long term lock in is required, so no setup fees! Get the plan you need at the price you want.

    -------------------------------------------------------------- Standard Features

    - 24x7 Technical Support, Monitoring and Live Help
    - 30-Day Money Back Guarantee
    - Daily cPanel Backups (Off Server)
    - 99.9% Guaranteed Uptime SLA
    - Includes cPanel + Fantastico
    - FFMPEG, Imagemagick, GD2, PHP5
    - MySQL 5 & PostgreSQL Databases
    - phpMyAdmin & phpPgMyAdmin
    - Free ClientExec License

    Shared Web Server Specs
    - Intel Xeon Quad Core @ 2.83GHz
    - 8GB DDR2 ECC Registered RAM
    - 4 x 500GB (RAID10 Protected Storage)
    - 100Mbps Network Uplink

    Starter - Reseller Web Hosting
    7,500 MB RAID10 Disk Space
    30,000 MB Premium bandwidth
    Free ClientExec License

    Starting at $20/month

    Order This Package

    Enhanced - Reseller Web Hosting
    15,000 MB RAID10 Disk Space
    60,000 MB Premium bandwidth
    Free ClientExec License

    Starting at $30/month

    Order This Package

    Premium - Reseller Web Hosting
    30,000 MB RAID10 Disk Space
    120,000 MB Premium bandwidth
    Free ClientExec License

    Starting at $40/month

    Order This Package

    Questions and Answers

    1. Do you offer Shared Web Hosting?

    Yes we do! Shared Hosting Plans

    2. Do you offer Support? If and How do you offer it?

    Yes, We offer 24x7 Technical Support, you may contact us directly using our support ticket or live help systems. Phone is available for emergencies only, i.e. a server is down etc.

    3. Are you a Reseller?

    We have root access to all of our servers, which we also happen to own.

    4. Where are your servers located?

    Our servers are located in Dallas, TX at the premium Colo4Dallas colocation facility.

    5. Money Back Guarantees?

    We offer a 30 Day money back Guarantee to all clients who use our services. If we do not meet expectations or you are not satisfied within the 30 days we will provide full refund your payment.
    *This offer excludes any domains, and only applies to hosting fees.

    6. What Control Panel do you use?

    We are using the industry leading cPanel as our hosting control panel. Along with the Fantastico Auto-Installer.

    7. If I sign up now, how long before I am online?

    Your hosting account will be set up as soon as full payment is received. Reseller accounts take a little longer, and are subject to a manual verification process. We also take the time to personally install your ClientExec license for you. You just need to specify where you want it to be located. i.e. or etc.

    8. How many accounts do you put on your servers?

    We do not have a fix amount of accounts as it depends on the nature of the users website and their usage. Anywhere from 50-150 is a good ballpark estimation.

    9. Will I get charged for Bandwidth Over usage?

    No. We do not overcharge accounts that exceed their bandwidth usage. We take a more appropriate step and suspend the account util the next months auto bandwidth reset. We give you a 24 hour notice requesting you upgrade before account suspension. You can also contact us to upgrade to a higher plan and your hosting account will be automatically unsuspended.

    10. Can I upgrade to a higher plan?

    Yes you can upgrade to higher plans at anytime. You will just need to put in a ticket with Billing department and we will process it within 24 hours or less... usually less. :-)

    11. Do you offer a backup service?

    Yes, we provide nightly backups, however still recommend that you backup your files off site occasionally. This can be accomplished from cPanel, if you need help just open a support ticket. Our daily backups copy your entire cPanel account to a separate network storage server. We will soon be implementing R1Soft hourly backups by the end of October 2009 at no additional cost to our users. This will also provide cPanel integration for you to restore individual files and databases.

    12. Do you support warez?

    NO! Also no linking to illegal content either.

    13. I want to host adult content, do you allow this?

    Yes and no, we have photographers that have some adult content, but we do not allow explicit pornography type content on our servers. Only tasteful photography/art style imagery.

    14. I want to use SSH, do you provide access?

    Yes, we provide Jailed SSH Access. You will need to open a ticket with our Billing department and supply us with scanned copy of an official identification document, such as state ID, drivers license, etc.

    15. I want to use mailing lists, is there email limits?

    Yes, we do restrict outgoing mail to 60 emails per hour per domain. That's pretty much one email per minute, or 1,440 emails per day. That should be plenty for the average hosting user.

    16. Do all of your reseller accounts include a ClientExec license?
    Yes! Now all of our reseller accounts include ClientExec. So billing your clients is even easier with our entry level reseller plans.

    Payment Methods
    Visa, MasterCard, Discover, PayPal

    Also Mail-in payments on request, mail-in does not qualify for instant activation. Mail-in is also for annual billing and/or dedicated servers. No monthly $6 dollar checks will be allowed.

    Need More Information?
    If you would like further info, please visit our site, send us a ticket or email us directly at [email protected]

    What bandwidth providers do you use?
    Our network is powered by CPC Technologies, LLC dual Cisco 6500 series routers. Connecting us to Level 3, Internap, Time Warner Telecom, AboveNet and Cogent via redundant gigabit fiber.

    Can I test your network speed?
    10MB Shared Server Test File:
    100MB Shared Server Test File:
    Test IP for Ping/Trace:

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