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    RentaVPS 1 month review: Good stuff!

    well, i've been a lurker on here for some while, so please don't mind the 1 post

    I purchased the 256mb VPS from RentaVPS on September 09, it was setup within minutes and everything worked great.

    On Setember 16 my node happened to be moving to faster servers in Dallas, it was completed without any apparent issues.

    On ~October 1st my billing account disappeared. I submitted a ticket on the 2nd and did not receive a reply until 3 days later when I found out they were being acquired. Within two hours with the help of Giles, my billing account was set back up. (the vps was to expire on the 10th).
    While the above was kind of disturbing at first, I wasn't exactly surprised for the price I paid, but I was quite surprised to find I wasn't in the dark in the end afterall!

    Overall, I noticed next to no downtime, speeds sometime slow a bit for a few minutes, which is rare, or it could just be myself. At any rate, I think I'll be staying with RentaVPS for a while, I'm very happy with them for what I'm looking for (and to add especially nice for <$10 variety).
    Uptime was near perfect with the exception of the migration

    If someone wants a benchmark, just ask, not sure if ya'll are looking for them at first.

    Download speeds: Downloading a 100mb file from a site with wget I got 11mb/s, so you get the full 100mbps when it's not being hogged.

    Will remember to follow up with further month(s) reviews.

    I'll report myself with domains hosted on the vps now for the iminent request :3
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    May I ask why you are posting from a rentavps IP?

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    Quote Originally Posted by anon-e-mouse View Post
    May I ask why you are posting from a rentavps IP?
    SSH tunnel as a proxy. It's off now :p

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