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    Anybody need a Tech Support volunteer ?

    I am a 28-year-old high school computer science teacher. I have previous tech support experience at AT&T Broadband working on helping cable modem customers troubleshoot connectivity, hardware and software problems. I also have prior experience in managing DNS, MySQL database, FTP and etc.

    I am interested to start a small-scale ISP and web hosting company in a few years time with my retired dad. So, before diving right into the business, I would like to know more about the kind of daunting tasks ahead. I am not available full-time on any fixed schedule, obviously.

    If anyone needs a customer service or tech support person, to answer trouble tickets/e-mails, to man a real-time live chat support desk, to respond to questions/issues on their bulletin board ..... and so on, please contact me. I am not requesting any monetary rewards. If you believe I should be compensated, please feel free to offer me your suggestions. I am essentially volunteering and willingly perform all assignments for free.

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