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    Web host with spam filtering for small domain?

    I've been with for about a year so far and have been very satisfied. The thing is that they don't offer spam filtering and I'm getting LOTS of spam now.

    Can anyone recommend a good web hosting service for my very small domain:

    * Ultra low traffic
    * About 5 email addresses
    * good SPAM filtering (required!)

    Alternatively, are there any services on the net that will "scrub" my email and delete the spam messages? I'm definitely willing to pay for this service.


    P.S. I'm paying $15/mo. now.

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    If you find a host that uses cpanel, it comes with spam assassin and this can be enabled or disabled from the cpanel.

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    If you posted in the hosting requests forum, you would get quite a number of offers. As is hosts cannot make you offers in this forum.

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