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Thread: Wake on Lan ?

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    Wake on Lan ?

    Hello, I am going on vacation, and i will need my computer to be running the whole time while I am gone. Incase there is a power surge etc, I need to be able to turn it back on remotely. How do i implement and use WOL? I am running windows XP and I will have access to the internet where i will be staying on vacation.


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    The easiest/most reliable way to make sure it keeps running is a bios setting which causes the PC to restart when power is supplied to it (most PCs seem to offer this setting).

    If you still want to use WOL, there are a number of utilities which will send a WOL magic packet (I've used one called "PowerOff"). You will need to enable WOL on the target PC, configure the utility with the IP and MAC addresses for the PC, and open up your router so the packet can get to your PC.

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    Ok, i will check on that, any way you can PM me on how you set it up ?


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    I'm with Jeff on this one. Just tell your BIOS to turn on after a power outage, as opposed to staying off.

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    I tried to PM - not allowed because I didn't have 5 posts (although I might be able to after this post).

    First, enable WOL on your target PC (via bios). You may or may not also have to enable a setting on your network adapter (via device manager properties for your ethernet port).

    Get the the IP address for that PC ["ipconfig" from the XP command prompt].

    Download a magic packet utility, such as PowerOff from Snapfiles dot com [I can't post links yet either].

    Run the utility on another PC on your LAN - it's pretty self explanatory. Enter the IP address, click a button to retrieve the MAC address, send the packet (can also be done with command line parms).

    If it doesn't work, check for any router settings which might be preventing the packet from reaching the target PC. Also, try temporarily disabling any software firewall on the sending PC.

    Once you get it working on the LAN, you'll need to configure your router to accept the packets from the internet. You'll either need a static IP address or dynamic dns service. You may have to forward a port (I think port 7) to the target PC's IP address.

    It's been a while since I've done this but hopefully that will help.

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    You also need to remember, that if you are doing it from outside your lan and you don't have a VPN set up, you will need to forward ports UDP 7 and 9 (iirc) to the ip address of your machine, or better still - if your router can broadcast the packet.

    Also.. and forgive me for asking a silly question, but your pc is networked via ethernet, rather than wireless isn't it? as I have been to couple of sites before where they have tried to do it with a wireless network card (which I have only seen work on laptops with the new Intel chipsets).

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    As the other posters stated you must set this up in your bios.

    I'm running DD-WRT firmware on my router and found you can send WOL requests from within the control panel. You will need to enable web access to the control panel to perform this remotely.

    Also, if you have a dynamic IP as with many ISPs I would recommend using one of the free DNS services available
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