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    MP3 Search Engine Script

    Order your script today and launch your own Mp3 site in minutes!

    Or integrate it to your blog to attract more users.

    You can have an awesome Mp3 site based around a super simple search engine, providing access to 1000's of free Mp3's.

    The preview is lightning fast! The user previews, rates and downloads, all from your own Mp3 site.

    This script is so smart it auto-updates itself instantly with sparkling fresh content.

    You can even make money off it with the integrated Amazon and Thumbplay affiliate programs that your users click on, attributing to you a small, but not insignificant income.

    This is all possible with the x10 Automatic Mp3 Search Engine Script running your Mp3 site.

    Only $34.99

    Installation of Mp3 script $25.00
    Transparent Template Design $15.00
    Video Search Engine $15.00

    You can check the full specs here

    Live Site:

    Order Now

    Need a good inexpensive place to host your site?
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