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    Finding the cause of load spiking?

    I have recently had a problem on our server with the load spiking. The database processes seem to be fine and I don't see any accounts that seem to be agreesively using bandwidth. All the accounts seem to be normal. Does anybody have any recommendations on how to find the source of the problem? Perhaps I'm missing something here.

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    use top -d2c and see what is consuming more cpu and memory

    additionally use ps aux and check the processes.

    even check number of IP address coming in the server netstat -plant | grep :80 | wc -l

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    Is there a way to run a top process check for exim to see which account has the most exim processes running?

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    Quote Originally Posted by AustinS View Post
    Is there a way to run a top process check for exim to see which account has the most exim processes running?
    To check how many exim processes are running, execute

    ps -auxf

    It will show you all the processes along with exim processes with it's CPU and RAM usage. If you see a long list of exim processes, check the mail logs to see if anyone is sending out spam emails OR your domain is targetted

    tail -f /var/log/exim_mainlog

    It will show you the incoming/outgoing emails that are flowing to/from the server.

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    Check the mail queue of the server by command,
    #exim -bpc
    and remove the unwanted frozen emails from the mail queue.
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    Further on 'madaboutlinux's post, 'ps -auxf | grep exim' will show a list of all the exim processes.

    If you can show us the output of your 'top' command, we can probably direct you in the right direction or diagnose the problem.

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