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    Angry daopay is a scam dont trust them

    i have proof of all of this if needed.i signed up to daopay in that month i made $1135 euro's in the month of july.they said that my first pay out will be on the 30/09/2009 and it would be for $635us dollars.i rang up and told them this is wrong.they said they would get back to me.12 hours befor payment was due in my account.they told me my site was flagged and suspect of being fraudgelent because they cant find my site or daopay on it and they want my idi prove my site is really i sent the id of every one that works on my site and they still wont pay.i have rang people and they said that daopay is under investigation and has been for the last 3 months.please help shut this site down any daopay complaints to go here to shut them down Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) | Home they are scammers thats what i have experienced and thats what i have been told from the people at the site above.please help shut these maggots down.i will send the proof to any that needs it. <<snipped>>
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    I don't see any other complaints recently about them?

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    why do you use processing solutions which pays with 2 months delay?

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    Quote Originally Posted by RxNetwork View Post
    why do you use processing solutions which pays with 2 months delay?
    Was about to ask the same thing, why?

    Also never heard of this daopay, you should always go with an processor who is known, proven, verified.

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    what is daopay ??
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    Quote Originally Posted by IPStrada LLC View Post
    what is daopay ??
    This should help -
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    daopay is a get rich quick scheme for its boss arnold zimmerframe one of the most obnoxious characters i have encountered on internet. many times i have sent an enquiry to the email address on their website and a week later after having not received a reply they give the bull-zhite that it went into the spam folder and their engineers will reply in 24 hours. ENGINEERS. their engineers are little boys who play with meccano as they dont have sufficent common sense to answer enquiries. if you complain, their chief arnold zimmerframe deals with you but all he does is keep reassuring you he is dealing wiht the matter. a couple of months ago my money never arrive and he claimed it wa sent but can take up to a week for a sepq payment to arrive within europe. that is complete bullzhite. having worked in the banking industry many years and frequently use sepa myself they always arrive the following day, especially in countries where the banks have automatic processing of incoming payments which most european banks do. he is a big bullshitter and liar. i stopped using them because of their dishonesty and the last month i was owed 23.96 which is below the 50 threshold for payment. zimmerframe assured me it would be paid but to date i have not received it. i have sent many emails and still the same bullzhite "Stay tuned. Checkin' things Best regards, Arnold" that was 6tth sept. still no clear answer. i suggest they change their name to daonopay.

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    Does anyone ever read the T&C on a web site before they jumpt and decide to utilize a service? Learn to read and don't gripe after the fact.
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    Daopay is a scam i agree!

    I used them guys and never ever got paid a year or so back. I highly recommend NOT to use them or regret it.
    Can anyone help me get my money?
    You have been warned, Daopay is a scam.

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    I totally agree with you i just got caught up with a double scam, 1st of i was trying to purchase some credit points from a online retailer and i was linked to daopay for payment processing. after daopay payment was completed i didnt get anything, and then the online retailer started to ignore me, then i contacted daopay through email. their support team told me that there is nothing they can do. so at the end both party ate my money and dont want to be responsible and since i know a guy who has successfully purchased through the online retailer, the question lies which party really ate my money. daopay told me to contact the reatiler. but really i think the retailer is a scam, so i told daopay they need to be responsible because they are the party that hosted this transaction and if the retailer is a scam then that would also be daopay's responsibility, since they dont carefully choose the partners they work with, and after realizing is a scam they still continue to work with. we dont care what their policy is, the business is fully corrupted ! i have all the proves to proven what i said on the website is true, and im fully responsible for what i said.

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    being spoken with daopay customer service atleast they are rightful enough to and will try getting a hold over my other party which is a big time scammer, and will see within 7 days..

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