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Thread: NetApp?

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    This seems like the 'best' place to post this, since I doubt the Dedicated Server or VPS section is rife with SAN buyers, and the Managed are probably not really savvy on the technical side, so..

    For those of you with experience with NetApp, I have two serious questions.

    For some of you, the valid question is #1: Why do YOU buy NetApp, as opposed to other vendors (EMC, Sun, HP, etc) or home-grown (DAS units, lesser-known vendors, SuperMicro boxes and some software glue)?

    For the other half, the valid question is #2: Why do you NO LONGER buy (or never have bought) NetApp, and who/what have you switched to and why not NetApp (anymore)?

    I'd prefer the two sides not argue in the thread. I'm just looking for you to answer whichever of the above questions fits you and that's it. Let's not have a troll thread.

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    I wouldn't touch NetApp with a 10FT pole, talk about increased support & services costs for something that isn't even worth it. A few weeks ago, before DELL acquired DataDomain, they were bidding on it... why? because they didn't believe in their own dedup technology?

    With that being, said have you looked at DELL's EqualLogic platform? Your hardware & software bundled together = dream come true. Plus it's so simple that even your receptionist can set it up using the EqualLogic GUI (sarcasm).

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