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    Smile Would like a review...

    Hi everyone,
    Hope everyone is doing well.

    Well, wont take much of your time, just wondering if I could get some input on my site Xite Design .


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    The bad:

    A few errors in Opera like the site news image etc.

    The good

    Very easy on the eyes
    Good navigation
    Nice colors
    Good top left pictures

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    Some things dont work in Opera. the news.... Colors are good .
    But you could have modified the images, like the one from NASA ....

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    Everything looks good in IE. Nice color scheme and menu. Overall, I really like it.
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    Thank you all for the comments. Yes, I have been concerned with the site news table. I was up all night till 9 am in the morning and I guess I was exhausted and my brain could not think further and came up with such thing.

    I am looking forward in changing it soon.

    Did anyone check it with netscape? Since I dont have nestcape here in my computer? Tell me how it looks in netscape!

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    Originally posted by /var/log
    Some things dont work in Opera. the news.... Colors are good .
    But you could have modified the images, like the one from NASA ....
    I did not really get what you meant by mentioning Nasa?

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    First off, it takes a very long time to connect to your site. On cable it took a full 30 seconds before the site even began to load! Not good.

    Originally posted by newbie005
    Did anyone check it with netscape? Since I dont have nestcape here in my computer? Tell me how it looks in netscape!
    Why don't you have Netscape on your computer? It's a free download. It doesn't take up that much space. Anyone who does web design should have both browsers to check any site you work on. But until then, see screenshot. This is on Netscape 4.7 on a Mac.
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    1. cannot find server
    2. the domain is hard to remember - xcite, xit

    just my 2 cents.

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    Thanx for th attachment, and yes, I just made it only considering IE users.

    It definately looks I need so much time to fix this crap...I dont know why its like that! I mean, the whole background of site is one image and its still showing it part by part in netscape on top of each of each other....

    Can anyone tell me what is the percentage of netscape users on the net?

  10. #10 its not easy to find a short domain as this dude. X I T E - D E S I G N .....

    Thanx for the input...I am using a domain pointer, thats why its slow sometimes, free service providers

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    nice site -- I'd do some work on the main logo with the chick. I aggree with tox though, the rest of the top left pictures look good. Nice work

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    The font is a little small. I'd go with a 2 vs. 1. The chicken and egg is a little out of place. A rule I use is dont add graphics because you have a space to fill. Make the use of space by conveying a message, even if through graphics. Like all the hosting sites that have a semi-hot chick standing, looking up at the camera, which is in a overhead perspective. What's that all about? [getting off soapbox]
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    Good concept.

    From a design pov you have to many fonts on the page. You have to be carefull with fonts. Maybe change the button font to a plain font like Arial/Helvetica.

    Also the picture of the chick, what is the relavance? can you "blend" it more to the page, it sticks out at the moment.

    Not being mean just some constructive thoughts
    (Plus I have a design grad. sitting here helping me with the critique heh!)

    Keep up the good work!

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    Most images you used in the top right are pics available for free downloads. You had one from NASA ( one of the moons of saturn ?), that you have removed now. All these pics are fairly common wallpapers and are available at a number of places and on a number of CDs. I lke them, but it could also put people off.

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    Hi all,

    Thank you for the input...alot of construcive critism that will definately help me improve on alot of things.

    the font is small since I run out of space and I dont want to make this site make look like a long scrolling page, like some message I had that in mind...I personally like font size 2, more visibility.

    As for image of the chick, I seriously could not come up with something I thought the "chick out of the egg" can represent creation (ie creating or designing sites) but this is my perception I I can see, hardly anyone notices it.

    As you might know, freelance and amateur webdesigners have limited resources. Yes, I definately got them for free by downloading them off free graphic sites. Any suggestions for me to be authentic??

    Thanks again guys, looking forward for more input...
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    I am not criticising .
    I know that as designers, we sometimes have very limited resources. However, from the end-users point of view, you are using something which he has seen before. This might raise doubts about your credibility ( not that you are doing anything wrong). I suggest you use them as inputs to your graphics, instead of using them as they are...
    It is not all that easy for an amateur to be both authentic and good these days :-/

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    Thanx /var/log,
    Yea, you are quite right about what you have just said. I was wondering what would you do when you had limited resources and needed pictures or graphics. I definately can sit and make some graphics using photoshop, but that wouldnt cant as realistic photos, you know what I mean? I am not a graphic designer, more like a manipulator (hehe). I can give it effects or make imaginary grahic files which might confuse people even more...since it all depends on MY imagination and perspective.

    So yea, what would you do, in terms of graphics on the left?

    For the chick part, I am thinking of making a plain graphic with PS and then some effect and write my site's slogan with a fancy font...that might be easy to blend with the site as well as show my own "creativity" (I hope).

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