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Thread: Running XEN

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    Running XEN


    I'm planning about starting a hosting company, we are basing on offereing XEN VPS servers.

    At the begginning, I am asking for help on using XEN - which OS, which CP etc.

    If you can provide any pointers it would be much appreciated.

    I have experience with Virtuozzo but it has proved itself unstable in many ways (migration processes etc).

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    My advise for you is to setup a box with XEN and spend a long time learning the ins/outs of how everything works before trying to offer it to customers as a paid service.

    Learn to be able to control everything from a console.
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    I'd recommend CentOS for the Operating System, the CP really depends on what your needs are. Search for "Xen Control Panel" on WHT and you will find a few and their reviews etc.

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