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    need a few pointers for dedicated hosting

    Hi guys, We recently created an application and are now looking to become a ASP and are the the market for a dedicated server. A bit of a background on the application a) users will fill a search form on a client website b) the search results will be displayed from the dedicated box. c) the user can then click on a LINK result and then be taken to another third party server software. d) expect around 15000 unqiue hits e) using json / jquery f) Average data being transferred per search 500 kb (compressed using firebug/yslow)+ data base updates (1 perday / 40 mb) My Question is 1) What kind of dedicated box am i looking for to handle that kind of traffic a) personally was thinking of quad core / 4 gb ram / 150 gb / 250gb storage drive) b) would a lesser config do ? 2) Will a managed vps solution work in this sort of situation 3) i am really looking at 60-120$ range / server - Managed ? is that realistic ? 4) Or do I go for management somewhere else ? I know have asked too many questions..but hope you can help demystifying a few of the above. Thanks Andy

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    Hello Andymatt,
    I think you've got a good set of questions listed.
    Here is my opinion:
    1. a) Yes that is a good configuration to handle what you are looking for.
    b) Yes, I think you could even go with lower specification on the CPU, hard drive, but I'd think you need at least 2GB of RAM to start

    2. I think a managed VPs will quickly find itself topping out and most likely it would run slow or you'd be asked to move. Dedicated server to start since your number of hits is so high

    3. That price is a bit too low for managed, especially if you wanted a Control panel (which would make management a bit easier for you or the management team)

    4. There are a few management companies out there to do the basic management of the server, but they aren't going to be at your beckon call. They will fix issues as you have them come up, but in all you would be best to at least plan to basic administration on your own for your price range.

    Best of luck, and check out the WHT offers section for some providers to choose from to get you started.
    - Donovan K
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    A good managed VPS should be well within your price range. You can also find a decent dedi with good management in the upper part of your price range.
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    I dont recommend you VPS i highly recommend you getting an dedicated server, more power, your budget is very tight should you need management solution, a lot of bucks can be saved if you go with an unmanaged server. Are thinking of getting an control panel with the VPS or Server?


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