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    Question Your server preference? Dell / HP / IBM / Other?

    Just wondering what is your preference when choosing a vendor based server as a provider? Do you go with Dell? HP? IBM? Or another vendor to offer to your customers? What are your reasons for using the brand you do?



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    I always prefer Dell, HP, our experience has always been good, with warrenty etc.

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    #1 HP
    #2 SUN
    #3 IBM
    #4 DELL

    nothing else
    managed dns global failover and load balance (gslb)
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    In all fairness, I'd rate it like this:

    #1 IBM
    #2 SUN
    #3 SuperMicro
    #4 HP
    #5 DELL

    I've found Dell becoming VERY hard to work with over time!
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    Personal preference here:
    #1 SuperMicro
    #2 Dell
    #3 HP

    Everything else after that, also I HATE IBM, at least the ones I had to deal with. I give supermicro #1 purely from a cost standpoint, if you need that little extra something, definitely Dell or HP.

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