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    Web usability and design to be understood !

    ♥ Always look for the mid age people for design feedback.
    ♥ Ask teen age kids to do the coloring for you site, they have better instincts for colors.
    ♥ Always look for simple minimalistic design.
    ♥ Create a chalkboard design first.
    ♥ Always validate your design skeleton for standards compliance !
    ♥ Do discuss on the WHT for innovative ideas !

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    When it comes to web usability I follow one overlooked rule...

    You should let your user perform whatever tasks hey are trying to, or find whatever information they are looking for, in as few clicks as possible.

    Generally I don't want anything important to be more than 2 clicks away from my homepage and maybe 3 for archives and older maybe less important stuff.

    In some cases I had to redesign entire structures or navigation to achieve this goal but I think all my sites are better for it.
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    Make sure to design with both usability and SEO in mind and do not treat them as two completely different parts of web site development. Combining design, usability and SEO drives more visitors, a better user experience and thus higher profits.

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    Expert Advices are also free here, trying getting some of those and get a girl's opinion for colors they have good sense of color combination.
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