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    Thumbs up [For Hire] Experienced L2/L3 Administrator Available Now!


    Am looking for a part-time telecommute position in a hosting company as a level 2/3 system administrator. I'm extremely well versed with all aspects of a Linux production server, specifically Cpanel based servers.


    A career in a well known hosting company, utilizing my skills and experiences to increase productivity and
    profitability of the company and to enhance sales with innovation and commitment while pursuing interests in
    programming and Internet security.


    - Extensive experience with administration and security of Linux servers.
    - Enjoys working in a team environment.
    - Fast learning and adaptive abilities.
    - Excellent communication, linguistic, and verbal skills.
    - strong analytic abilities.
    - Strong initiative toward improvement in all aspects of the business.

    I have extensive experience in installing/configuring different software including but not limited to Apache, PHP,
    MySQL,PostgreSQL, exim, postfix, dovecot, BIND, POP/IMAP, SMTP, SSL, SSH, proFTPd, pureFTPd, iptables (APF/CSF),
    Kayako, WHMCS, ClientEXEC,OpenVZ,Virtuzzo. I am a fast learner and can quickly adapt to any situation as necessary.

    I have a stable cable internet connection. I'm a determined individual with a strong work ethics. Salary is
    negotiable at this point, but I am not looking for a pay per ticket position. I'm looking for a solid relationship
    with a company, to which I can bring a lot to.

    Resume with SOLID references available upon request .

    Thank you for reading.

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    I am intrested in hiring you for our new venture. Leave your contact details by PMing me.

    Thank you

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    deep experience

    Rwxguru worked for us for some time, He has deep experience in system administration and security tasks and building/managing VPS nodes.

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    Ahmed is a hard worker and a deeply experienced system administartor, he worked for LLC and was responsible for the most critical and advanced tasks, I have to say that we were lucky to have such a man to support our backnbone.

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