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    I am currently looking for a job with a hosting and/or dedicated server company as either an Administrator and Technical Support REP.

    I am looking to get paid a flat rate either every two weeks, or every month.

    I have 3 years knowledge in RedHat Linux and FreeBSD.

    I know the following control panels: CPANEL, PLESK, HSPHERE, WEBMIN, ENSIM.

    I have experience with such programs as APACHE, mySQL, Qmail, sendmail, phpMYadmin, IPCHAINS, IPFW, and much much more..

    I can configure and install most programs that need to be installed, and can also secure machines.

    If you are interested please Private Message me.

    If you are just looking for a few things to be done as a one time thing then you can also message me and I will quote you on a price.

    Thank you,
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    Job Offer

    We at RaptorHosting are looking for people like you to assist us in our Venture. RaptorHosting is set to be released next Friday. We will be wiling to offer you a fixed rate and/or also provide you with your webhosting needs if needed. Please get in contact with me ASAP, as i am in dire need of talking with a qualified sales Rep.

    email: [email protected]
    aim: insaneraptor09
    or you can pm me


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