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    Question Moving my server to a new Data Center, Where to configure the new IP's?

    Hi there,

    My server provider is moving my server to a new data center, I am going to keep my data on it.But I am going to be assigned two new IP's.I have a Centos server with WHM and CPanel.
    Please can anyone tell me exacly on which file on my server i need to configure my two new IP's, is changing them on WHM enough? Do I have to edit the DNS zone for each domain?.

    Thank you in advance.

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    You will need to edit the following files, as well as add/edit your IPs in WHM :

    /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-eth0 (this is assuming eth0 is your primary and public facing NIC)


    Once you add the new IPs in WHM, you may need to use the "change IP" function to change the IP for your sites, that should correct the DNS zone for each site as well. Don't forget about your cPanel license, it will need to be updated to your new IP. If this is through your provider they should handle this but you may want to ask before the move so it does not slip by them.
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    Transfer was done successfully but one more issue

    Hi there,
    Thank you for your help, the trasnfer was done successfully but I still have the old Ip's assigned to the nameservers on WHM: Main >> Networking Setup >> Nameserver IPs.
    Thank you in Advance.

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    there is a file in /etc/ called nameserverips which has nameserver information.

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