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    Web Design.. which one should we go with?

    I have a designer working on a really nice site right now. I want so badly to wait until he's finished, but we are just dying to get the company started.

    Should we wait for his design or continue developing what we have?

    His design:

    Current site:

    Anything would help. And please note this is a work in progress, both are, and as such are not perfect and pretty much just ideas being floated around.
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    I like his design a little better since it has a corporate look and feel. Its nicely laid out.

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    I like the new one its really clean, slick and the colors are wow! Go with the new one just tough out the wait!

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    Definitely looks like an AkDesigner website... looks good.

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    Yeah Ammar Malik designs are really sleek, love it.

    Wait for him to design & code it.

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    I really like your current site, it looks extremely unique. Stands out quite a bit, and you could do a lot with it. The color changing script is good as well.

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    Prefer the current one, although it could do with more fleshing out (mainly the top).

    The new one has a bog standard template feel about it that doesn't really appeal to me.

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    The new design is more colorful but its like, just another site.

    Old one is a bit plain but stands out of the crowd, so I would prefer to keep the old one and would try to make it more eye catching.
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    I like the new version better than the current.

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    Jan 2009
    Another vote for ditch current and get the new design.

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