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    How important is Hosting Location?

    Hi I am new to hosting and I work for a company that does business mainly in California but we have people all over the country including Boston and NYC. I'm looking for dedicated servers and found good pricing/service in Chicago but worried about response times for my Cali folks. I'm hosting a non public web app that everyone needs to use so the load is low and response times are not super critical.
    Will my users experience noticable latency?
    Also people that manage the servers may be in Cali as well. Will they find it fustrating to remote into these windows servers and manage them or will it be acceptable or should I find something closer to california?



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    You should be good pretty much anywhere in the U.S. Central (Chicago, Texas, etc) Would be my personal preference, however if you are with a provider that has a solid network and connected to quality bandwidth providers you should be fine anywhere in the U.S. Even if you went with an East Coast provider your cali clients should be fine as long as they are reliable.

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    Well the old rule that "the closer to NYC the better" is definitely not as it used to be - you can get very acceptable ping times now from Montreal. Most of the US can reach the rest of the US in less than 90ms, so for most applications price and reputation is more important.

    If you have any Europeans using your server then closer to the Eastern seaboard would be better. Munich to New York is only 20% higher than Seattle to New York.


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    These days hosting anywhere in the United States would most likely be fine, without noticing any latency without using some sort of tool to see the difference. A good central location such as Chicago or Texas would be more than fine as long as you pick a quality provider.

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    Agreed, take a look at Chicago or Dallas.

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    I'd agree with the above - web applications aren't massively sensitive to latency. Most any North American location should be fine if the provider has a decent network.
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    You should be fine, did you already try some network test? eg speedtest, pings, traceroutes?


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    My suggestion would definitely be a Chicago-based Server.

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    We stick with the East coast so that we have good times to most of Europe. Getting around in the US is fine from any quality bandwidth that you would find available IN the US. But it can be tricky getting to Europe in an acceptable time unless you are on the east coast, or close to it.
    It also depends on what you consider acceptable..
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    Specific geographic location does not always matter as much as people assume, but it can help in some instances -- e.g. ping times.

    Disclaimer: I am a bit biased in favor of Dallas, for obvious reasons!

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