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    Managed vps faceoff for NY web design

    I basically need a VPS to host a few sites and to use as a test server for future production sites. If possible, I hope that recommenders have used 2 of the 3 hosts below. I'm looking for the fastest well-managed service, and my budget will be around $500/yr--though less is better.
    I'll be hosting several joomla and drupal sites, so memory is pretty important to me, but I think that 512 should be sufficient.

    From my research on these boards, I can't really go wrong with any of these hosts, but perhaps you could help me finalize my decision. I think speed or memory would be the determining factor, but other suggestions could help.

    So, I'm looking at the following plans (all pretty similar in cost, and I trust them all enough to jump into a one yr plan):

    Servint Essential VPS $529.20
    RAM: 768 MB Guaranteed (1.5 GB Burst RAM)

    Knownhost VS3 $488.75 with cpanel using monthly coupon ((45+5)*12)-25)*.85
    Ram: 512MB, Burst?

    Wiredtree VPS512 $529.20
    Ram: 512MB, Burst?

    I think that all the above hosts provide far more bandwidth and space than I really need. They also each give at least 2ips, ssh, backups, and have great, lasting reputations. Basically what I am looking for. I can't figure out where Servint's datacenters are, but if they have an nj center, that would also be a bonus, since I think that New York will see most of the traffic for my sites, and having an international presence for a couple others is more important than having the fastest westcoast performance.

    I'm leaning highly towards servint right now because of the additional 256MB of Ram. They also include burstable ram, which is not clear to me with the other two. I'm pretty into the monthly payment for knownhost and the reduced cost, but servint seems to provide so much for not much more money.

    Thanks in advance for your help.


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    Do you need a control panel?
    You should not count on Burstable RAM being available at all times, so make sure your site(s) will run under the Guaranteed allocation.

    I highly recommend VPSLink, I have been with them for over a year, great uptime and performance. They recently opened up offerings in NYC (Peer1 Datacenter).
    You can get their Link-5 (1024MB OpenVZ) for $530/year prepaid (w/ 10% off coupon).

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    You can't go wrong with any of those hosts. ServInt is my personal favorite. KnownHost & WiredTree also have very good reputations.

    You need to focus on the guaranteed ram... but the burst availability is nice to have. ServInt offers a great mix of ram/bandwidth/disk space & processor power.

    All three are managed providers and offer great support. ServInt also has a great customer only forum that is very active w/ friendly & helpful customers.

    ServInt's datacenter is located in Virginia and the only one on the East Coast. WiredTree is in Chicago and KnownHost is located in both Los Angeles & Dallas.
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    Please disregard my recommendation, I somehow glanced over the managed part.

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    You can't go wrong with any of those guys. I really can't choose one over the other, but I can tell you this. When I was shopping around for a VPS back in Jan 08..... Knownhost was completely professional, fast responses, and never once told me why I should go with them over the group that I went with, and vice versa. That says a lot to me. They will always be my #1 backup if I ever choose to change providers.

    I would also check out futurehosting as well. I am kind of biased towards them, but there is a reason for it. I am a happy customer.

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    All of those providers are very good and I'm sure you'll be happy with any one of them, but based on price vs value I'd go with Servint. As said before, don't depend on burst. It's nice to be able to take advantage of, and in my experience it's generally available, but you need to ensure that all your sites run well with the bare minimum
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    I agree with the advices on not depending on the burst feature, i also dont recommend going with a yearly plan it would be wise to pay monthly should things go sour.

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    Thanks for the responses! I am not taking the burstable ram too seriously. I like that it is available as I tend to experiment most later at night with sites that I create, so it may be helpful--just for the sites that I play around with at given times. I've been developing using an old laptop running a turnkey lamp server, and I have a feeling that the vps will actually be much more useful. The laptop itself has a total of 512 ram. So long as I don't experiment with the sites during higher traffic times, I think I may be able to take advantage of some extra resources. It's good to know where servint's servers are. Thanks for that, Mainpipe. I could see that the corp offices were located in VA, but the datacenter was just not clear to me on their site.

    Servint continues to be at the top of my list, esp with the extra 256MB. It will give me some leeway when I use it, and at most times it will just allow me to feel secure knowing that I have more memory than I will use. Better to have that kind of security than the other way around.

    I think I'll be setting an account up in the coming weeks, so I'll keep checking back. Sorry to trouble you guys with the same questions that have been asked so many times on this forum, but it's helpful to go back to this place of reference for the specifics.

    If there are any other prospective vps customers, I can, at least say, from my research on these forums that any of the three, servint, knownhost and wired tree provide exceptional services at very fair costs. I'll be keeping an eye out for coupons and deals for myself here.

    Right now, knownhost offers the best discounts on a monthly basis.
    check out the specials page on their site.

    Servint and wiredtree each offer 10% discounts for yearly purchases of their vps packages. I generally agree, serverexperts, about not jumping into a yearly contract, but all three services have reputations on this board and others, that I feel like I can join them a more hastily. Maybe this just says that I can be a sucker for branding, but they have had so many good reviews from so many diff users, that I'm inclined to trust them--I also hate making monthly payments, though I'm sure I could set it up to be automated.

    Likewise, for shared hosting--non-cms sites (and even for joomla), fluidhosting has always provided incredible service. I've considered their vps as well, but I think that I will just keep their shared service for now. I would like to try another host for vps just to broaden my experience for client administration.

    Redmeds, thanks for the futurehost recommendation. I know that they are also very well reviewed here. Unfortunately, what they offer is currently out of my budget for similar resources.

    Thanks again.

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