EasyGameServers provides high quality gaming services for a price that is affordable to everyone.

All game servers are $1.00 a slot and can be made into any tickrate.

We are also offering a Clan Creator package!

Want to create a clan but don't want to spend too much money hosting servers?

We are offering a deal for any one who would like several high quality servers at a low price.

Clan Creator Package:
24 Slot 100 tick Public Server
12 Slot 100 tick Private Match Server

All for a low cost of $45.00 a month!

We utilize very high end dedicated servers tethered to an amazing network of high quality bandwidth provides. This ensures that all customers receive the lowest latency possible with no downtime.

Games We Offer:
Counter Strike Source
Counter Strike 1.6
Team Fortress 2
Day of Defeat Source
Day of Defeat Classic
Team Fortress Classic
Counter Strike Condition Zero

Our sales team is standing by ready to answer any questions you have.

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