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    Atari's 1978 video game catalog

    Anyone here own one?

    Looking at a gaming console as old as I am makes is both and . Imagination was apparently sold separately.
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    yeah....I did rofl.

    they were great when they first came out I was 12 years old in 1978.....they were the playstations of yesteryear. you have to remember, this was a few years before pc's hit town, well here in the uk anyway. all kids had were bikes and skateboards up till then. well i did have my drum kit.

    i remember getting that drum kit for my 10th christmas....and got clattered around the ears for waking up everyone, including my neighbours at 3 am on chrismas morning.

    remember Missile Command,Asteroids...Battlezone, Galaxians, Bomber & Defender.?

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    I still have one of those. I remember they were going for like 400 bucks back then.

    Mine still works but looks like crap unles you use it on a old
    19" TV.

    I still have a stack of cartirdiges for it too. Space invaders, tanks, red baron stuff. Funny how antiquated it is now.
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    I wasnt around when it first came out.. born in 87, but i have an unopened atari 2600 with 4 unopened games, dont remember exactly what games i'd have to dig the box they are in to look. But i picked them up at a the wildwood flea market near pittsburgh pa 3 summers ago, for $25.. and going to assume, to someone who collects vintage it is probably worth a lot more. But I will wait until i am much older to sell.

    On a side note, i barely remember playing an atari at all.. when i was much younger.. It's very cool to look at the graphics on that, and look at some of the stuff that is available today.. imagine a mmo on atari.. haha. No one would have thought online games can be so popular.. technology is absolutely wonderful.

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    I never owned one but I did play one a lot at my best friends house when I was little. Was the best time ever! Even got better when my parent bought me a Nintendo. hah!
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    Oh Atari 2600 had many games. i remember i had more than 30 games back then.

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    My brother and I had one of the original Atari systems, it's up in the attic somewhere. We also had Intellivision. Yeah, so very different from what is available today.
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    Still has great gameplay despite the lack of high end graphics. I find it neat too that much of the Atari games are available for graphing calculators.

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    In my case, looking at a gaming console older than me. Scary

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